Mission & Vision

The mission of the Africa Coalition against Land Grabs is

To identify and address the multi-faceted problem of land grabbing on the African continent by bringing together like minded organisation and individuals to fight against land grabs in Africa by;

  • Developing credible and country-specific evidence on the impact of land grabs on communities and ordinary citizens in Africa.
  • Holding national, regional, continental and world governing bodies accountable for land grabbing.
  • Contesting and Reviewing all land transactions which have taken place within the past twenty years;
  • Strengthening the capacities of affected communities in defending their rights and sovereignty over their land and resources;
  • Advocating for the upholding of the rights of women over land and natural resources in affected communities and countries;
  • Using different media to sensitize the public on the long term impact of land grabs and the potential crises it is creating for all societies and
  • Building Global Solidarity in the face of a global onslaught against the continent and ensuring that the friends of Africa play a key role in addressing land grabs.

The vision of the coalition is to have democratic and accountable land governance in place where all land deals are made with the consent and involvement of communities directly concerned to ensure transparency and therefore eradicate land grabs on the continent

History of the coalition